Autofill chlamydia management information into patient notes

The autofill (Best Practice) or management/comment (Medical Director) shortcut function in your medical practice software can be used to quickly insert information about chlamydia management into patient notes during a consult. You can tailor the specific text to your own needs. Some suggestions for chlamydia management autofill text are provided below.


Asked about PID symptoms (new onset lower abdominal pain? Dyspareunia?)

Partner management discussed

Retesting organised for 3 months from today [insert date] via [insert method]
Need more chlamydia management information and resources? Copy and paste this link into your web browser:
 PDPT offered: Y/N

PDPT accepted: Y/N

If accepted:

Number of partners PDPT used to treat: [insert number]

Azithromycin 1g orally prescription provided to index for treatment of: [insert partner/s name and other relevant contact details or medical history provided by index as per jurisdictional requirements]

Prescription provided via: [generated from EMR/handwritten/letter template]

Information about PDPT has been provided to the patient to give to their partner with the script.

If relevant:

[Partner name] is a patient at this clinic


Click here for instructions on how to insert autofill in Best Practice software. 

Click here for instructions on how to insert autofill in Medical Director software. 

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