Chlamydia Management: Overview

Steps for best practice chlamydia case management


Below is a brief overview of chlamydia management. For more detailed information about each of these steps, click on one of the boxes above. 


Offer a chlamydia test opportunistically. 


Treat according to Australian guidelines. For uncomplicated urogenital infections, the Australian STI Management Guidelines recommend:

• Doxycycline 100mg per oral, twice a day for 7 days (as first line treatment)


• Azithromycin 1g per oral, stat

For further information, including other sites of infection, please refer to the Australian STI Management Guidelines or Therapeutic Guidelines (requires login).

Consider PID

Consider PID when chlamydia is diagnosed in a patient with female reproductive organs. 

Discuss partner management

All sexual partner/s from the previous six months should be notified. Have a discussion with your patient about their options to tell their partner/s. 

Organise retesting

Organise retesting for reinfection in the index case at 3 months. Stress the importance of retesting for reinfection to your patient. 

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