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Research Publications

  • Bittleston H, Coombe J, Temple-Smith M, Bateson D, Hunady J, Sanci L, Hocking JS, Goller J. Diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease and barriers to conducting pelvic examinations in Australian general practice: findings from an online survey. Sexual Health. 2021; Online First. DOI:
  • Coombe J, Goller J, Vaisey A, Bourne C, Sanci L, Bateson D, Temple-Smith, M, Hocking, J. New best practice guidance for general practice to reduce chlamydia associated reproductive complications in women. Australian Journal of General Practice. 2021;50(1-2):50-4. DOI: 10.31128/AJGP-04-20-5330
  • Layton E, Goller JL, Coombe J, Temple-Smith M, Tomnay J, Vaisey A, Hocking, JS. ‘It’s literally giving them a solution in their hands’: the views of young Australians towards patient-delivered partner therapy for treating chlamydia. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2021; Online First: 13 January 2021. DOI:
  • Layton E, Vaisey A, Goller JL, Coombe J, Temple-Smith M, Hocking J. The views of patients and partners towards patient-delivered partner therapy for chlamydia: A systematic review. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 2020;47(12):791-7. DOI: 10.1097/OLQ.0000000000001260.
  • Coombe, J., Goller, J., Bittleston, H., Vaisey, A., Sanci, L., Groos, A., Tomnay, J., Temple-Smith, M., Hocking, JS., ‘Sexually transmissible infections, partner notification and intimate relationships: a qualitative study exploring the perspectives of general practitioners and people with a recent chlamydia infection’ Sexual Health 2020; online early. DOI:
  • Goller, J., Coombe, J., Bourne, C., Bateson, D., Temple-Smith, M., Tomnay, J., Vaisey, A., Chen, Marcus Y., O’Donnell, H., Groos, A., Sanci, L., Hocking, J. ‘Patient delivered partner therapy for chlamydia in Australia – can it become part of routine care? Sexual Health 2020; 17, 321-329. DOI:
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